How to Keep USB Power From Your Monitor or TV on During Standby

by Santino

This article will go through how to keep USB power from your monitor or TV on during standby.

When using one of the many digital signage devices available, it's common to power the device by using the USB hub available on the monitor or TV the device is attached to.

Sometimes though, you may experience problems if your monitor or TV screen is set to disable USB power during standby. Monitors and TVs can often switch to standby very quickly if they don’t find an active source of content, and devices can often not turn on without power, causing a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. Add to this the fact that your device may be at the back of your monitor or TV in a spot that is hard to reach and you may find yourself in quite a frustrating scenario quite quickly.

To solve this problem, we recommend changing your monitor or TV’s settings to enable USB power even when the screen is on standby.

The process of doing this will be different for different monitors and TVs. To find out the steps to apply these settings for your monitor or TV (or if it’s even supported), we recommend viewing the corresponding documentation.


How to keep USB power on during standby

For the purpose of this article, we will be taking a look at how to apply these settings to a Dell U2414H Monitor.

1. Enter the monitor’s settings menu and go to “Energy Settings”:



2. Under USB, change the setting from “Off During Standby” to “On During Standby”:



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