How to Perfectly Set Up ScreenCloud for Digital Signage

by Santino

This article will go through how to achieve a perfect set up using ScreenCloud. Following the checklist below can help you get started on setting up ScreenCloud seamlessly and cover key bases for optimizing your digital signage experience.

For the instructions for the legacy version Signage (2015), please see here instead.


Table of contents:

1. Review the ScreenCloud 101 walkthrough article

2. Whitelist our internet domains on your network and use optimized web browsers

3. How will your devices be connected to the internet?

4. Maintaining your devices for digital signage

5. Review zone layouts and best practices for resizing content

6. Familiarize yourself with ScreenCloud resources


1. Review the ScreenCloud 101 walkthrough article


Learn how to use ScreenCloud with our full walkthrough article, follow step-by-step to get started on how to use ScreenCloud for digital signage. This will help you become comfortable with the setup process and the main features of using ScreenCloud.


2. Whitelist our internet domains on your network and use optimized web browsers

To help ensure you have a robust digital signage experience, we recommend proactively making sure that our domains work correctly on your network. If you're in a private office or enterprise setting using a firewall-protected or encrypted connection, the ScreenCloud app and/or services might not work correctly on devices connected to that network. We've got you covered, please review a list of ScreenCloud domains to whitelist here.

If you're using a personal or home network you won't need to worry much about this step, though consider this if you're noticing any trouble using our apps and/or services. 

In addition, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended as your primary browser choices while using ScreenCloud's website. Using other browsers or attempting to navigate ScreenCloud from a mobile or tablet device will not perform best. To learn more about browsers to use with ScreenCloud click here.


3. How will your devices be connected to the internet?

ScreenCloud provides you with the ability to be flexible on how you choose to display content. Whether you're a restaurant looking to display menus, an office wanting to showcase internal HR information, or hosting a fair using tablets/mobile devices for advertising, you all have one thing in common: deciding how your devices will be connected to the internet to show content.

We understand that each use case is different and have resources to help guide you through knowing which set up is the right fit for you. WiFi, Ethernet, and mobile hotspot connections are most common for using ScreenCloud. For example, within most restaurants, they will use a WiFi connection for devices to display signage, while enterprise offices opt to use an Ethernet connection to their devices for security. 

Each method comes with its pros and cons, with set up for each aligning with unique digital signage needs. You can view our article on using different internet connection methods for digital signage here.


4. Maintaining your devices for digital signage

ScreenCloud is the powerhouse for your content, while your device/hardware is the engine that will display this content live on screen. Picking the perfect device isn't always easy as there is a large diversity of consumer hardware available in this day and age. ScreenCloud's technical team has worked diligently to thoroughly beta test, run experimental setups, and ensure that hardware we recommend will give you a stable digital signage experience.

The devices listed at are most recommended to use for ScreenCloud. We also provide you with setup steps and tips on how to best maintain your devices. Please note, if you decide to use other alternative hardware, you might experience occasional roadblocks or trouble with content as the device may not be fully optimized to run the ScreenCloud app. This may also include limitations to help troubleshoot the hardware as we don't have access to unsupported devices.

Your hardware for ScreenCloud will likely be running for extended periods of time. While the consumer hardware we do recommend runs ScreenCloud well, there will be occasional glitches or hardware-related issues that can occur. Devices can reboot, crash, or have occasional issues displaying signage, which can due to the hardware or operating system. Here are some key tips on how to proactively avoid or limit this from happening:

  • Make sure you're using ScreenCloud recommended hardware
  • Check if your hardware has the latest software update available
  • Unplug or cycle off your device momentarily to see if a reboot helps
  • Check if you're using any faulty power cords, adaptors, ethernet, or extender cables
  • Use an alternative network to see if the problem persists
  • Use an alternative television to see if the problem persists

We also provide you with features for most of our supported devices to help best maintain performance, such as:

i) Start at boot feature: if your device crashes, ScreenCloud will start again automatically.

ii) Daily reboot feature: select a time daily for the ScreenCloud app to reboot

iii) Cache clear: manually clear the cache for the ScreenCloud app to keep it updated

If you have any questions on hardware recommendations and which devices support these features, please feel free to review our supported hardware or contact


5. Review zone layouts and best practices for resizing content


Learning how to best display and position your content is essential for your digital signage experience. With ScreenCloud, you can use zone layouts to split your screen into multiple sections and display a variety of content simultaneously. You're provided with pre-set layouts that you can use, or create your own custom zone layouts. You can learn more about how zone layouts are controlled using Channels in ScreenCloud by clicking here

For zone layout best practices for the legacy version Signage (2015), please see here instead.



6. Familiarize yourself with ScreenCloud resources

Our team is constantly creating diverse educational and creative content to help you with digital signage. Explore our varied content below.




i) Blog

Browse through content that showcases ideas, corporate communication strategies, case studies, and more.


ii) Learn

Browse through how-to guides with step-by-step instructions on how to set up apps and hardware using ScreenCloud.


iii) ScreenCloud Help Center

Your ScreenCloud go-to for support related articles, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting. You can also reach out to with article suggestions for the Help Center or with any questions related to your account.


iv) Sign up for our product newsletter


Stay in the loop on the latest features, enhancements, and news relating to ScreenCloud. Follow the link above and fill out the contact form, make sure to select the option to sign up for our mailing list. You will be notified first of any new improvements or updates to your ScreenCloud subscription.

You can also check out our Corporate Communications newsletter to learn how we communicate and how this impacts the way we work ScreenCloud. This can help give you insight and ideas into strategies for corporate communications within your workplace.


v) Check out our weekly webinars

Tune into our weekly webinars hosted by a member of our team. We showcase demos, strategies, tips, and insight on using ScreenCloud as your digital signage solution. Simply follow the "Join Us" prompts using the link above to RSVP, or watch a recording on your own time of our most recent webinar.


vi) Get in touch with Professional Services

ScreenCloud Professional Services can work with you to define the best content strategy for your business. They’ll help identify your audiences, perform a comprehensive audit of your current digital signage content, and supply a detailed list of recommendations and improvements to be made. They’ll then help you curate a relevant, powerful, and engaging content strategy, optimizing your screens to their full potential. Get in touch with our team here.


If you have any additional questions on how to perfectly set up ScreenCloud, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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