ScreenCloud Account Settings & Functions

by Santino

This article is an overview of all the features and options in your ScreenCloud "Account Settings".

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You can get started by visiting Account Settings to access these administrative settings for your account or visit "Account Settings" from the lower left-hand corner of your ScreenCloud navigation. 




 My Account

From here, you can view and manage general information for your ScreenCloud account.


i) Change your name on the account: hovering over the name listed under "Owner" prompts a pencil tool, click here to edit either the "First name" or "Last name" set up for your account.

ii) Email preferences: change and manage your account email address. Please note, if you've signed up using Google then your login credentials are managed by ScreenCloud can't access, change, or alter any of your Google credentials. You can learn more about how to change your ScreenCloud account email address by clicking here.

iii) Update password: change or update your account password. If you're having any trouble resetting or updating a password with ScreenCloud. Please note, if you signed up for ScreenCloud using Google, LinkedIn, or SSO (Single-Sign-On), your login credentials are managed by the source you used to create your account. For example, if you signed up using your Google email then your credentials are the same as your Gmail. If you have any other questions, contact





i) Manage and switch between organizations: you can manage the organizations (i.e. ScreenCloud accounts) you can switch between managed under your email address. If you've used one email address to be invited to and swap between ScreenCloud organizations, you can use this section to cross-access other accounts while logged in. This can be done by selecting the top bar where the name of the account is featured and use the drop-down menu to switch between accounts. For the example below, clicking on "Brett's Bakery" would prompt the list of accounts to choose from.



ii) Onboarding & Tutorials: with this switched on, areas of the membership will continuously greet you or users with tips, instructions, and how-tos for the service while navigating through your ScreenCloud account.


iii) Brand preferences: set brand preferences for your screens automatically. For example, if you've created a Channel in ScreenCloud you can set this up to be the default channel activated automatically when adding a new screen into your account



Show off your branding and assets by creating themes to brand apps in ScreenCloud. To learn more about how to set up themes with ScreenCloud, click here






Your billing portal to manage payments, account reactivations, and download invoices. You can learn all you need to know about ScreenCloud's billing by clicking here





People, Groups, and Spaces


A benefit to using ScreenCloud's digital signage platform is for assigning users and teams the ability to manage, change, and access your account. The system allows you to set different users and teams to manage different screens, channels, or content as you see fit. 

This is free of charge, you can add an unlimited amount of users and teams to your ScreenCloud account. For example, this is useful for assigning different departments to manage different teams, or when you want different departments or segments of your organization to take control of screens.

Please note, for users of multiple spaces you're able to specify which space you'd like to land on automatically when you log into your ScreenCloud Studio account. This feature is not available if you're only part of one space. The default behavior is that you'll land on the last accessed space until you specify a "Default Space" in your account settings. For example, if you're part of five different spaces in your account and want to always see "HQ Space" automatically, this will enable you to always access that space each time you log into your account.

You can review ScreenCloud's full walkthrough on People, Groups, and Spaces by clicking here.




This section is available for having advanced and flexible control over the content, controls, and features in your ScreenCloud account using developer tools.




GraphQL Endpoint: API key that gives you the ability to manipulate and control data on your account directly.

If you have any specific questions, please reach out to and we'll do our best to assist with API-related questions.


Organization ID: the organization ID is a string of alphanumeric characters that is a unique identifier code for your ScreenCloud account. For example, this code is useful for verification purposes if ever reaching out via email to our support team with questions. This can be used to quickly find your account to help identify issues or look into your billing. This is also useful if you help manage multiple ScreenCloud organizations (i.e. accounts) separately when verifying account details.



Audit Logs

This section is available for monitoring and reviewing security logs for your ScreenCloud account. 



Filters: you can narrow down your results using search terms based on items or content in your ScreenCloud account. For example, you can select the "Filters" drop-down menu available to select any category. If you selected "Channels", your audit logs will display all changes and activity for Channels. 




You can also identify which "Space" in your account has been updated or changed recently based on your audit logs. For instance, if you manage different Spaces, you can view changes made by specific users and actions performed in different segments of your ScreenCloud account.



If you have any additional questions on your ScreenCloud account settings and features, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.




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