ScreenCloud Email Management: Changing Primary Ownership & Switching Between Accounts

by Santino

This article will go through how to change the main email address for your ScreenCloud account or transfer primary ownership to another user you've invited. For reference, you can also learn more about inviting and managing People, Groups, and Spaces in ScreenCloud by clicking here

For instructions on transferring ownership with the legacy version Signage (2015), please see here.


Table of contents:

1. Changing your main account email address (changing primary ownership)

2. Managing and switching between multiple accounts with one email login


1. Changing your main account email address (changing primary ownership)

1.1. Get started by logging into your ScreenCloud account and visiting your "Account Settings".



1.2. Click on "People" and visit the "Owners" section of your account. From here, you can use the yellow "Invite People" button to invite a new email address to your ScreenCloud account. For reference, you can learn more in-depth about the ScreenCloud "People" feature by clicking here.





1.3. Once the user has accepted the email invite, you can then assign primary ownership over to any new user you've invited moving forward to be the main contact for the account. You can do this by clicking the horizontal three-dots button next to any user to show the drop-down menu to select "Switch to Primary Owner".


Please note that the primary owner and any owner has full permissions in any space of your ScreenCloud account. For example, any main account communications will go through the primary owner and inquiries from our team will be routed to this user for account-related support or troubleshooting, unless otherwise specified or reached out to by an alternate owner or administrator for the ScreenCloud account. You can learn more about ScreenCloud's ownership permissions and additional group-based permissions by clicking here.




2. Managing and switching between multiple organizations with one email login

With ScreenCloud, you can use a one-single email address login to manage and switch between multiple ScreenCloud organizations (e.g. completely separate accounts). For example, you can be an owner of a ScreenCloud account under the email address, then also use this same email to cross-access separate accounts you've been invited to as a user with specific group-permissions.


2.1. To get started as a cross-organization user, your email must be invited as a user to an existing ScreenCloud account. This can be done by using the "Invite People" feature from the "People" section of a ScreenCloud account. 



2.2. Once the email reaches your inbox, you can follow steps to accept it and click on "Already have an account" to enter your email address which already exists in the system connected to another ScreenCloud organization. For example, if you have a ScreenCloud account existing under, or are a user which has already been invited to an account, you would use this option to log in with your existing credentials. 

Please note, if you don't use this option you'll receive an error that the "Email address already exists" in our system and won't be able to accept the invite correctly. You can click here for more information on how to troubleshoot user invites for ScreenCloud.




Please note, if you're already a user on an existing ScreenCloud organization or have additional invites pending, you will be greeted with a landing page that displays outstanding invites and existing accounts you're connected with.



2.3. Once you've accepted the invite, you can now use the organization option at "Account Settings" at the top of your ScreenCloud account to switch between the organizations you're a part of. You can also use the Switch Organization feature from the left-hand corner of your ScreenCloud account.



For example, if you click on "Organization" it prompts a menu that allows you to switch between other accounts. The checkmark indicates the organization/account you're currently viewing. You can use this at any time to switch between accounts you've been invited to and manage under one email address.


Please note, depending on your group-based permissions for each organization will allow you to only perform limited or specific functions for each account. You might not have the same permissions for each. If your organization, or yourself, have any questions about your limited access when switching organizations then please check out ScreenCloud's Group permissions guide in case your email/user needs to be granted with additional permissions


If you have any additional questions on managing your email or switching between accounts with ScreenCloud, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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