Set to Screen: Managing Content on Your Digital Display With ScreenCloud

by Santino


This article will go through how to use the Set to Screen (e.g. Set Content) feature for quickly setting and managing content to display on your digital screens. For reference, you can also visit ScreenCloud's Digital Signage walkthrough for instructions on how-to-use the service here

Table of contents:

1. What is "Set to Screen"?

2. How-to set content on a screen

3. How-to stop displaying content set to a screen

4. What is the "Brand Preferences" feature and how does it work? 


1. What is "Set to Screen"?

Set to screen gives you the flexibility to set and display any media, apps or content from your ScreenCloud account on a screen. The main benefits of using this feature are:

  • Setting any piece of content onto a screen permanently
  • Switch between content to display quickly using the "Now Playing" function
  • Easily set or cast using a simple switch in the media picker
  • Review a history of what's been recently played on each screen and in the media picker menu
  • Can stop what's been set to a screen and resume playing your default content (Splash or Channel)



2. How-to set content on a screen

2.1. Get started by adding a screen to your account. 

2.2. Once a screen is paired, you can use the "Now Playing" drop-down menu and click "Browse more" to select any channel, playlist or single-media item/app to display on your screen.



Please note, if you have a default Channel or Splash set up to display automatically from your "Organization" Brand Preferences then any new screens added will start playing this content automatically. For example, if I've selected the Front Office Channel to be the default display, every new screen added into the ScreenCloud account will start displaying this channel automatically. You can change this at any time in your account, or manually set and switch content for your screens independently as well. 



2.3. Selecting "Browse more" will prompt the media picker. From here, you can select any item from your account and set it to your screen. For example, the screenshot below is showcasing that "Office Playlist" has been selected to be set to a screen.



2.4. Once you've confirmed your selection, click the yellow "Confirm" button and the item is now set to the screen. You can also use the drop-down menu to "Cast" items to the screen as well for immediate screen takeovers. 

Please note, the selected item will always be playing until you set new media or stop what's playing on your screen.



3. How-to stop displaying content set to a screen

3.1. Once you've set content or media to any screen(s), the content will stop displaying once you've stopped or set new content to display on the screen. You can perform this by selecting the "Now Playing" drop-down menu for any screen and selecting the "Stop Playing" option.



3.2. If you have a Splash or Channel set up in your Brand Preferences, this will then start displaying automatically unless you set different content to display on your screen using the "Now Playing" drop-down menu.



4. What is the "Brand Preferences" feature and how does it work? 

Brand Preferences allows you by default to set up any new screens added to your account to automatically display Splash, a Channel or no content. Please note, if an organization has multiple Spaces, then a Channel needs to be shared for it to be used as the "Default Content" in your Brand Preferences.

4.1. You can access your "Brand Preferences" at any time by visiting


4.2. Navigate to "Brand Preferences" and select the drop-down menu under "Default Display". From here, you have three options:


i) Channels: you can select any Channel which has been created in your account to be the default display for new screens added to your account.


ii) Splash: you can automatically set content to be themed using the "Splash" feature on any screen added to your account. This can be set up by creating a theme and setting any theme to be the splash by default. For reference, you can learn more about how to create custom-branded themes in ScreenCloud here.



iii) None: you can start your screens by default with no content to display until you manually set media to the screen(s) respectively that have been paired to your account. 


If you have any additional questions on the Set to Screen feature, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.






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