Multi-Account Billing: Managing Split Payments Between Teams in ScreenCloud

by Santino


This article will go through how to use Multi-account billing for managing different payment methods and splitting payments between team members with access to your ScreenCloud account. 

If you have the legacy version Signage (2015) account and you wish to switch between your available organizations which have been set up with separate billing, please see here for information on this. 


Table of contents:

1. What are the benefits of using Space-Based billing?

2. How can I set this up between multiple spaces managed?

3. How can I remove a billing segment or child account?


1. What are the benefits of using Space-Based billing?


Space-based billing provides the flexibility to manage to split and allocate payments on your ScreenCloud account between different Spaces (i.e. teams). For example, this is useful if you have different departments or users in multiple locations with access to your ScreenCloud account which you can delegate billing to respectively. If you've created multiple Spaces to manage their account access separately, you can use this feature to also manage their billing separate and can delegate payments however you'd like. This includes:

  • Organizations can create and manage multiple billing accounts
  • Billing accounts can be associated with a specific space and have multiple spaces
  • Ability to choose an exact currency, payment method and select the account or organization to be invoiced

Please note, there is a maximum number of 250 child accounts to manage and segment billing per ScreenCloud account.


2. How can I set this up between multiple spaces managed? 

Please note: This feature is only to be used for specific circumstances and must be requested to activate on your account. Please reach out to with your account email address and our team can help turn this on for your record. Please note, this requires you to upgrade your ScreenCloud account to a different pricing tier. You can review ScreenCloud's pricing plans by clicking here and contact our team if you have any questions.

The steps below outline how to begin setting up billing between multiple spaces in your account. Please note, users who are not owners or administrators on a ScreenCloud account will not be able to access or manage any billing-related information in an account. 

2.1. Get started by visiting your billing portal at



2.2. From here, you'll be able to view an overall summary of your payment information. Select the "Multiple Billing" option in the upper-right hand corner.



2.3. This will prompt a new window where you can enter information about the billing account:



Account details

i) Name the account: create a name for the account to easily reference for setting up split billing for your Space(s). For example, if you were to segment your billing between an office you could use "London Billing" for payments specific to this location.



ii) Email address to be billed: enter the email address here that will be the main billing contact for this account. Please note, this is the email address that will be searchable in our payment records connected to your ScreenCloud account and will receive all billing correspondence emails (e.g. paid invoices, payments due, etc.) automatically.



iii) The currency of the account: select the currency you'd like for this account to be paid for. You can select between USD, GBP, or EUR. For example, if the location and payment method being used is from the United Kingdom, then you would select GBP. 



How do you want to be invoiced

iv) Who do you want to be invoiced: you can use this to set up who the invoice should be sent to for your space, whether it should be the email entered for space or the email registered for the organization.



v) Who pays the invoice: you can use this to setup who makes the payment for this segment. If you select the account, this means you'll be prompted while setting up Space-based billing to enter payment details immediately following this setup process. If you select the organization, this means the original main payment method that was used to set up your ScreenCloud organization will be billed instead. 



Selected spaces

Using the right-hand sidebar, you can select as many Spaces as you'd like under this billing segment.


Please note, spaces can only be associated with one account. For example, if you set up "London Billing" to include the "London" Space in your account, you cannot then add this space to another Space-based billing segment (e.g. "USA Billing"). 


2.4. If you selected "account" to pay for the invoice, you'll be promoted to a page to enter your payment details. This is done to enter a separate payment method for your Spaces included in this segment that is not connected with the original payment method set up for the ScreenCloud organization. Please click here for ScreenCloud's instructions on how to set up payment information



2.6. Once selecting the spaces and/or entering payment details are complete, you can select the yellow "Save Changes" option to process this segmented Space-Based billing account through. When you visit, you'll now be able to see an overview of your main organization billing details and information respectively for your Spaces managed under "Child accounts".



2.7. If you select any "Child account", you'll be brought to an overview page of itemized billing and payment information for the billing account. For example, you'll notice a message stating that you're viewing an account set up under multiple billing. You can select the "Back to primary billing" option at any time for the overview of payment information for your ScreenCloud account.



3. How can I remove a billing segment or child account?

To remove a child account from your billing plan, please send a request to with your account email address and confirmation of the child account you'd like to remove from your record.



If you have any additional questions on how to use or set up Space-based billing, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.





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