ScreenCloud Studio Free Trial: Screen and User Invite Limits

by Santino

This article will briefly go through account limits while using the fourteen-day free trial version of ScreenCloud Studio. Please note, you're provided access to nearly all features, apps, and content while using the free version of the ScreenCloud Studio platform and only a few limitations are active during your trial period.

Please note, premium and add-on features are not available during your free trial. If you're interested in using any premium features listed on the ScreenCloud pricing page (e.g. ScreenCloud Dashboards, Single-Sign-On, Custom Roles, etc) please contact for additional support.

Table of contents:

1. What features are limited during the fourteen-day free trial?

2. How do I unlock free trial limited features?


1. What features are limited during the fourteen-day free trial?

During your fourteen-day free trial period with ScreenCloud Studio, you have access to use screens, content, apps, and features as you see fit. The system is limited during the trial period to the following:

  • Screens: there is a 3 screen maximum limit during your free trial period.
  • People (inviting users): 20 user limit during your free trial period.


2. How do I unlock the free trial limited features?

To unlock any limits during the fourteen-day free trial period, please contact our support team at or the sales team at Provide us with a reason for requesting the screen extension and a member of our team can help increase your trial screen count or user invite limit. 


If you have any additional questions on screen and user invite limits using ScreenCloud's fourteen-day free trial, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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