Frequently Asked Questions for Migrating to ScreenCloud Studio

by Santino

This article will go through common FAQs and questions regarding migrating your data and account information from ScreenCloud Signage (Old Version - 2015) to the ScreenCloud Studio (New Version - 2019) platform. Below you will find all of the important information covered to help get you kickstarted with migrating your ScreenCloud account. You can also view the key differences between ScreenCloud's digital signage platforms by clicking here

If you're interested in migrating to ScreenCloud Studio, please visit to review our terms of the migration agreement and submit your information into the form. This page also will have the most updated information related to migration.

Table of contents:

1. Pre-migration frequently asked questions

2. Post-migration frequently asked questions


1. Pre-migration frequently asked questions

How long will migration last and what is involved?

The actual migration process is quick to a new ScreenCloud Studio account. There are 3 stages of migration. Firstly, the data from your Signage account will be transferred, this will take a few minutes. After the data transfer, file processing lasts about 10 minutes. Next, your billing details will also transfer into Studio and then screens are transferred. The process could take from 10 to 30 minutes to complete.


How and who will be notified once our ScreenCloud Studio account is ready?

If you're the owner of the ScreenCloud account, you will receive an email with an invitation link directly to login and review the new ScreenCloud Studio account. Please note that only the main account owner email address and your users/teams from the ScreenCloud Signage account will receive email invites automatically to join the ScreenCloud Studio account.


What happens to my ScreenCloud Signage account after the migration?

Your ScreenCloud Signage account will no longer be accessible after the migration has been completed, you will only have access to ScreenCloud Studio moving forward. 


Will the cost of the screen stays the same?

Yes, your subscription fees for the legacy ScreenCloud Signage account is grandfathered. This means that your pricing plan and discounts remain the same at this time once you migrate over to ScreenCloud Studio.


Will I get billed on the same day?

The migration process involves transferring over all of your billing information as it was set up on ScreenCloud Signage, the billing period should remain the same. 


Will my screens stop working during the migration process?

Your screens will continue to work, but you will notice the ScreenCloud app refreshing automatically and content displaying again during the process.


Will all the data get migrated over into ScreenCloud Studio?

Yes, however, apps that are deprecated and no longer available from ScreenCloud Signage will be inaccessible. You can learn more about which apps from ScreenCloud Signage are not available on ScreenCloud Studio by clicking here.


Will everything look and function the same in Studio?

The user interface will be different from ScreenCloud Signage, in addition to deprecated apps being unavailable, though all of the data should be transferred into the ScreenCloud Studio platform during the migration process. The data will be available in new sections of your account, for example, "Content Library" is now "Media Library", and "Schedules" will now be "Channels". 


Will there be a risk of losing data during the migration process?

No, our team has identified through our extensive testing that there shouldn't be any risk of losing data during the migration process. The data is not being deleted from your ScreenCloud Signage account, only transferred over. If there is an interruption or service issue during the migration process, we can always restart the process again as long as the screens and billing information haven't been transferred yet during stage two. 


What if my screen won't work or displays as black after the migration is finalized?

If you notice that your screen is not displaying or showing as black, please try to restart or reboot your device running the ScreenCloud app to help resolve this issue. If you're still having any trouble, please contact with information on your challenge and the make, model, and operating system for the device you're using to run the ScreenCloud app.


Is there anything I need to do after Migration?

We recommend checking that you can perform actions on your screens in the new ScreenCloud Studio account, such as renaming or refreshing your screens to verify that they are working successfully. 


Is there any hardware limitations on ScreenCloud Studio?

Chromecast devices are not supported on ScreenCloud Studio due to performance issues. You can also view a list of ScreenCloud's unsupported devices by clicking here.


What are some of the apps that have been deprecated?

You can view the deprecated apps from ScreenCloud Signage to ScreenCloud Studio by clicking here. However, some apps that existed on ScreenCloud Signage have been upgraded or merged together in ScreenCloud Studio. For example, all of the news apps such as CNN, BBC, Fox News, Aljazeera, ESPN, Yahoo, and Google News will be transferred into the "News App" on ScreenCloud Studio. Please note, there are apps that will require you to re-authenticate, such as the Google Slides and Gallery for Instagram apps. 


We have an API set up using ScreenCloud Signage for specific controls over screens, data, and other functions. Does this data carryover, or do APIs need to be re-setup using new ScreenCloud Studio specifications?

The API on Signage and Studio are different and ScreenCloud Signage API will not be migrated to Studio. If you need assistance with the new ScreenCloud Studio API, please visit and reach out to if you have any questions to route for our development team. 


Will my username and password be the same as my ScreenCloud Signage? For example, if I've signed up on Signage using the ScreenCloud form - am I able to use the exact same email and password?

This is currently a limitation of the migration process. Authentication does not share or carryover between ScreenCloud Signage to ScreenCoud Studio. For example, on your first prompted login to ScreenCloud Studio, if you choose the "Email/Password" login form combination you will have to set up a new credential for your email address. Alternatively, if you used the Google authentication method to sign in using your Google account, you can continue using this method to log into ScreenCloud Studio. 


Is it possible to migrate data from multiple ScreenCloud Signage accounts to one ScreenCloud Studio account?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time. 


Will my schedules in ScreenCloud Signage transfer over as "Channels" automatically, or do I have to build channels from scratch to match schedules I've created in Signage?

Yes, your schedules in ScreenCloud Signage will be transferred over automatically as "Channels". You don't need to re-build any channels from scratch to match schedules you've created in ScreenCloud Signage. 


Users & Teams feature: will all of my "admins" set up using this function migrate over as "admins" automatically, or will I need to set them up into new "Groups" on Studio?

All admin accounts will be added automatically to your "Admin" group in ScreenCloud Studio and will have all admin functionality. Admin accounts will be assigned to the 'Org-wide Admin permission Group' by default during the migration process. General user accounts (e.g. non-admins) will be automatically assigned to the 'Space-specific Manager permission group', which will match the functionality and setup which the users belonged to on your ScreenCloud Signage account. You can learn more about using People, Groups, and Spaces with ScreenCloud Studio by clicking here


If I've created groups for my screens when I migrate my screens from ScreenCloud Signage, will they be grouped automatically in my ScreenCloud Studio account? Or, will I have to create screen groups and sort them manually?

Yes, your screens will be grouped automatically according to the groups you've created and sorted them into from the ScreenCloud Signage account. 


ScreenCloud Signage has a "Copy data between teams" function that is available. Can I use this function on ScreenCloud Studio for copying data between Spaces (i.e. teams)?

Currently, the option to copy data between Spaces (i.e. teams) is unavailable in the new Studio platform and our team is working to introduce this functionality in the future. The ScreenCloud Studio (2019 Platform) has alternative features for cross-sharing information such as channels/schedules, transferring screens, and the ability to set up advanced roles/permissions for users who have access to your account.


2. Post-migration FAQs

I use one email address (e.g. to access multiple organizations using ScreenCloud Signage. For this example, you have five organizations you switch between using one email address. In ScreenCloud Studio, I've noticed this feature is still available. What is the easiest way when all of our organizations are on Studio to set up my email address with access to all of these accounts again using the switch organization feature - do I need to be invited via the People, Groups, and Spaces feature?

As the migration progresses, for example, all of your five migrated organizations should be automatically linked to your email. This means you'll be able to switch between the organizations respectively once you're set up and logged into ScreenCloud Studio post-migration. It's a seamless experience that requires no further action from you. Please note, this is only if the organizations from ScreenCloud Signage have migrated over successfully to ScreenCloud Studio. Organizations that have not migrated between platforms will not be available for you to switch between while logged into ScreenCloud Studio. 


I've noticed some of my screens have not transferred over after migration, what would have impacted these devices from being registered to the new platform?

You may notice, in some cases, that devices have not migrated over to ScreenCloud Studio. This commonly is related to when devices are no connected to the internet or offline not being able to transfer during migration. This is due to the system not being able to properly sync with an "Offline" screen, so it will not be able to carry over the data during migration. If this is not the case and your "Live/Online" screen has not been transferred to the new platform, please contact with more information and provide any available information on the screens/devices you're having trouble with. 


I've noticed the "Add Website" feature from the Content Library in ScreenCloud Signage is now called "Links" in ScreenCloud Studio. Will the websites I've added be imported over automatically in the "Links" section, or will these need to be re-added since it's a new section?

All of your websites added and created in ScreenCloud Signage should automatically appear in ScreenCloud Studio as "Links" post-migration. There is no need for you to re-add any websites or links into your account.


Do I need to login to some of the apps which require authentication, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, or Google Slides?

Currently, the only apps which require re-authentication for logging into the instances migrated from ScreenCloud Signage are Google Slides and Gallery for Instagram at this time. ScreenCloud's Google Slides app was built using a new version and updates from the ScreenCloud Signage version, so it's required to log into your app instances. Please note, if the Google Slides app is active on a screen, there will be an error message requesting to re-login to the app. To avoid any interruption to your screens, we recommend replacing the app with temporary content before migration.


I've noticed the Content Library in ScreenCloud Signage is now the Media Library in ScreenCloud Studio. Will any folders I've created in my Signage Library be imported over automatically, or do I have to manually re-create folders and sort content?

All of your folders are expected to appear in ScreenCloud Studio exactly how you've sorted and organized them. You shouldn't have to re-create these folders. Please note that apps are no longer part of the "Media Library" in ScreenCloud Studio, in comparison to how apps were organized under the "Content Library" in ScreenCloud Signage. Apps are now organized and sorted separately in their own section of your account. 


I've noticed apps are now grouped under an "Installed" instance - when I migrate from ScreenCloud Signage, will the apps automatically sort into the "Installed" instances, or will they be unsorted?

Yes, all of your app instances will be sorted within the same group. For example, if you had ten Twitter Search apps installed in ScreenCloud Signage that were organized in your "Content Library" - these ten app instances can now be found under your "Apps" section in ScreenCloud Studio under the "Twitter Search" installed instances. You'll find all of your ten Twitter Search app instances grouped under the app respectively to manage and make changes to.  


Microsoft PowerBI App users*: I've transferred over to the Studio platform and my dashboards have not migrated automatically, why is this and how can I set them up? 

There are two ways you can set up Microsoft PowerBI dashboards to display on your digital screens using ScreenCloud Studio (New Platform - 2019). ScreenCloud Signage (Old Platform - 2015) only allowed you to display any websites, links, or dashboards which are public or open to the web - whereas the new platform allows you to display links and dashboards which are private or require login credentials. You can either follow the instructions outlined here to connect your private PowerBI dashboards or add public links using the "Links" feature. If you have any questions about using Microsoft PowerBI on the ScreenCloud Studio platform before migrating your account, please contact


If you have any additional questions on migration to the ScreenCloud Studio platform, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.





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