Screens are "Offline": How To Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues While Using ScreenCloud

by Santino

This article will go through how to resolve and fix common network or connection-related issues with your screens while using ScreenCloud for digital signage. 

For help with screen connectivity issues for the legacy version Signage (2015), please see here instead.


Table of contents:

1. How to tell if your ScreenCloud device is connected?

2. What to do if your screens are not showing content?

3. Is one device having intermittent "Not Connected" and network issues, or are multiple devices having issues with the network?

4. My screen is showing old or outdated content, how can I fix this?


1. How to tell if your ScreenCloud device is connected?

To tell if your ScreenCloud device is playing content, log in at https://studio.screencloud.comand select “Screens” from the left-hand menu. Next to each individual screen, there is an indicator provided to let you know the online or offline status of your screen. Here are the two modes to look out for and what they mean:

Green indicator: your screens are connected to the internet and playing content.



Yellow or grey indicator: either your screens are showing cached content in offline mode (supported by most devices) or they are not connected to the internet. 



2. What to do if your screens are not showing content?

To get your screen connected again, try these tips:

i) Turn everything off and on again: try rebooting your TV screen and media device as some devices are known to drop connections after extended periods of time. This is not necessarily a ScreenCloud related issue but can happen if a device is running consistently without a reboot. 


ii) Check the WiFi and network: if you have lost your WiFi connection this may be why the screen is not connected or receiving new content. Check the WiFi is working correctly to rectify this. If you want to ensure a more reliable link, you may want to use LAN over WiFi. However, if you do have a poor WiFi connection, the ScreenCloud player can run offline with some players. Please note that all streaming apps such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Live news will not work in Offline mode and will be skipped over within the playlist.


iii) Place your media device closer to the router: devices such as the Google Chromebit come equipped with an HDMI extender which allows you to place your device closer to your router which may help with signal strength.


iv) Check on the quality of cables and if adaptors are being used: if you're using any external cables to supplement the connection or range of your device (e.g. HDMI extenders, WiFi adaptors, etc) a faulty or incompatible cable can cause issues with the hardware working properly. We recommend trying alternating cables and setup to see if this helps to immediately resolve any issues.


v) Unpair and then re-pair the affected screen: to unpair your screen, log in at, visit your "Screens" section, and click on the screen name. From here, select your screen settings, then select "Delete Screen". Confirm that you want to delete the screen. Next, reboot your device and ScreenCloud on your TV screen and when the pairing code is showing, go back to Screens - Add Screen and enter your 6-digit pairing code and the screen name.


3. Is one device having intermittent "Not Connected" and network issues, or are multiple devices having issues with the network?

Network issues generally can be tricky to diagnose, but we can help guide you with how to troubleshoot this with our team further. If you notice a specific device that is experiencing a constant drop in connection or is displayed as "Not Connected" on the site, but other devices connected to the same network are working okay then we can attempt to troubleshoot further by looking into the following:

  • Testing the type of content specific to the problematic device: does the device seem to crash or lose network connection when a specific app or service is scheduled to play on your screens, or does it happen all of the time? If it happens all of the time, it may be worth double-checking the connectivity status of the device and troubleshoot it's connectivity to your network.


  • Is the device isolated in a location that is separate from the router: distance can also be the case of intermittent internet issues with a device if it's having an issue connecting to the router or source connection. For example, if the device is built-in behind a wall, or it's used in a separate office compared to other devices in a closer range. We advise in this case to try bringing the device closer (if available) or to look into additional technology to help supplement the connection, such as using WiFi or network adaptors and extenders to help maintain the connection. 



  • Are all devices having intermittent or network issues: if other devices are also experiencing similar "Not Connected" or connectivity issues, regardless of running the same or different content, we recommend connecting with your office IT or administrator to help troubleshoot the network further.


If the network is identified to not be the root cause of the issue, please reach out to so we can help assist further.


4. My screen is showing old or outdated content, how can I fix this?

If you've successfully re-connected your screen(s) and see they are "Online" but are playing outdated or old content you've removed, then it's likely the device could be displaying cached content. This is a feature from ScreenCloud that allows your screens in the event of a network or service disruption to continue playing content that's been saved on the device you're using to run digital signage. In these cases, the cached content has remained on your screens due to a network-related issue or difficulty with the device maintaining a constant internet connection.

You can learn how to clear the app cache for your ScreenCloud player device by clicking here.


If you have any additional questions on troubleshooting your offline screen status, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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