ScreenCloud Professional Services

by Santino

ScreenCloud Professional Services is a team dedicated to helping Enterprise clients get the best value and return on investment from their screens. Committed to helping our customers solve complex business challenges, we provide a variety of unique solutions and services.

Professional Services is your personal digital signage concierge specialists, helping you reach your business objectives.


Who are Professional Services?

The ScreenCloud Professional Services team is made up of Enterprise Account Managers, Project Managers, Strategic Consultants, and Hardware Specialists.

Together, we help businesses set up and optimize their ScreenCloud account, create a digital signage strategy, and build custom integrations, ensuring a return on investment.

At the start of a project with the  Professional Services team, you will be assigned a dedicated Enterprise Account Manager, who’ll work to define the best strategy for your business. We aim to immerse ourselves into your business challenges and understand your crucial project KPIs, helping drive success for your business from day one.


Who do we work with?

The ScreenCloud Professional Services team works with enterprise businesses across a range of different industries, helping them to solve their digital signage challenges in new and innovative ways.

Every business has different requirements, which is why we will work with you to define the best signage strategy for you. We are here to help you solve your communication challenges, achieve your business objectives, and measure your return on investment.

Our core expertise is in implementing ScreenCloud as effective and innovative engagement and communication tool throughout organizations.  We have worked with a wide variety of businesses and industries, including automotive, retail, technology, hospitality, and many more.


What services do we provide?

We will help you build, implement, and measure a successful Enterprise digital signage strategy that is innovative and engaging.


Account Set-Up

We’ll guide you through setting up your account via a live demonstration, sharing best practices, and tips on how to manage your screens along the way. From user setup and permissions to account structure, screen grouping, and more. The session is yours to keep as a video recording and share it with your team. We’ll also follow up with helpful resources, guides, and next steps to put your learning into practice.


Content Strategy

We work with you to define the best content strategy for your business. We’ll help identify your audiences, perform a comprehensive audit of your current digital signage content, and supply a detailed list of recommendations and improvements to be made. We’ll then help you curate a relevant, powerful, and engaging content strategy, optimizing your screens to their full potential.


Hardware Recommendations 

We review your current hardware setup and create a list of hardware recommendations specific to your business objectives. We can also help with the procurement of your chosen hardware to provide ongoing support throughout your chosen hardware rollout.


Platform Training 

Dedicated training sessions specifically designed around your business focused on tackling your key communication challenges.  We’ll review how you use ScreenCloud and help optimize workflow efficiencies across your teams. Sessions are structured with clear objectives and outcomes and we’ll share tips on how to manage your screens and workflows, and suggest follow-up activities to put your learning into practice.


Custom App Development 

Do you dream of building a custom app for your screens but need help getting it off the ground? We can help you define your app project scope, and pull together a dedicated development team to build a bespoke solution that suits your business needs and fits your requirements perfectly.


Custom GraphQL Integrations

Using our powerful GraphQL API, we can help you integrate with 3rd party applications, both private and public to the ScreenCloud Studio platform. Integrate seamlessly with unique workflows and systems and customize ScreenCloud to best suit your business needs.


Enterprise Feature Roll Out

We have a number of features exclusively designed for Enterprise users. We can provide early access, training, guides, and everything you need to get set up on these efficiently. To stay in the know with our latest feature releases, join our Slack Channel.


Comprehensive Reporting  

Track the success of your digital content and prove your ROI. Assisting you with the implementation of the recommendations strategy we will work with you to record key project metrics. These metrics are collated and reviewed, helping you improve your content and communications strategy month on month.


How to get in touch

Get in touch with Professional Services today to see how we can help your business.


Email us at or contact us here.


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