How to Factory Reset Your ScreenCloud OS Device

by Jennifer Hardegen

This article will go through how to perform a factory reset of your ScreenCloud OS device. Factory resetting is important if you would like to reconfigure your ScreenCloud OS device like in the case of changing your network settings.

To learn how to factory reset your ScreenCloud OS device, follow the steps below.




How to Factory Reset Your ScreenCloud OS device


1.1. To begin factory resetting your ScreenCloud OS device, first make sure you have a keyboard, and connect it to any of the USB ports at the front of the device. 

Please be advised that MacBook keyboards are not supported and will not work with the Screencloud OS device.

Please note: The keyboard will need to be connected at all times during this reset process.


1.2. Next, power off and on your device. As your ScreenCloud OS device displays the reboot screen seen below, select "Ctrl+Alt+R" on your keyboard (you may want to select this more than once to make sure it registers).

After following the steps above, your ScreenCloud OS device will turn off and reboot into recovery mode. At this time your display may show a lost signal message.




1.3. Once you are in recovery mode, use your keyboard to navigate to the first option "Clear User Data" and then select "OK" by pressing enter on your keyboard. 




You will be asked, are sure you want to clear the user data, select "Yes" by pressing enter on your keyboard. Your ScreenCloud OS device will automatically start clearing the user data.




1.4. After your ScreenCloud OS device finishes clearing the user data, you will be taken back to the main recovery page. Select "Reboot" and then select "OK" by pressing enter on your keyboard to exit recovery mode and reboot your device.




1.5. Your device will reboot to its original factory settings. At this point, you can begin re-provisioning your ScreenCloud OS device by using either a USB provisioning flash drive or an Ethernet (LAN) cable with DHCP enabled.

To re-provision, your device, follow along with this article here to Set up your ScreenCloud OS Device.


If you have any additional questions on how to factory reset your ScreenCloud OS device, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335


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