Introducing ScreenCloud OS

by Jennifer Hardegen

ScreenCloud would like to introduce you to an exciting new product that we've been working on called ScreenCloud OS. This article will walk you through what ScreenCloud OS is, what benefits it will bring to you, and also our first device that will come with ScreenCloud OS installed.

Important disclaimer, you will need a Studio account in order to connect to the ScreenCloud OS device. To migrate your Signage account to Studio, please contact our support team at



Introducing ScreenCloud OS

ScreenCloud is pleased to announce the release of our very first digital signage media player, the Station P1, powered by our custom operating system ScreenCloud OS.

Setting up and getting started with digital signage can be a difficult process. Apart from finding the right software coupled with the right hardware, installing apps and setting optimal configurations can be quite tedious and time-consuming.

We have designed ScreenCloud OS to change all of that.

Too often you find enterprise operating systems that come equipped with high-quality devices and produce high performance but present learning curves that come with complex use cases. More importantly, they do not address some of the challenges that many users face when wanting to expand their digital signage fleet such as deployment, finding the right remote device management services, and ensuring your device has industry-standard features such as kiosk mode. All of these challenges present issues, and in many cases, these features need to be outsourced to 3rd-party services in order to complete one's digital signage setup, which can result in a significant build up of costs. 

With ScreenCloud OS, we provide a product specifically tailored for digital signage with all of the needed features in one package at an affordable price.


What is ScreenCloud OS?

ScreenCloud OS is a custom Linux-based platform designed to provide the best digital signage experience with ScreenCloud. Unlike other operating systems, when you turn on a device powered by ScreenCloud OS, it boots up and just runs ScreenCloud.

There are many devices on the market that offer good performance but are not purpose-built for digital signage, and oftentimes users spend a significant amount of time trying to set up their devices and keep content running consistently. ScreenCloud OS fixes this pain point as there is no need for you to install anything on the device, just connect it to your network and it will work, it's as simple as that. ScreenCloud OS provides exactly what you need for digital signage usage as well as full support from our support team if you have any questions throughout your digital signage journey. 

The main key feature of ScreenCloud OS powered devices is how quick and easy it is to get your digital signage set up:

  • From our testing, when compared to the standard setup process of other third-party devices we also recommend, the ScreenCloud OS device is much faster and this becomes even more apparent when you want to set up multiple devices in the same location at the same time. This of course is because the ScreenCloud OS device was designed to do one thing and one thing only, and that is to power your digital signage.

Deployment is also made easy via quick and secure methods:

  • ScreenCloud OS uses the process of loading device configuration onto a USB flash drive, making the rolling out of large fleets of digital signage devices that much easier and faster. Devices also receive automatic OTA software updates bringing new features and improvements regularly. 

No need to purchase 3rd-party services to complete your digital signage set up:

  • The ScreenCloud OS device is designed to keep your device in a kiosk mode state as the only thing installed on the device is the ScreenCloud player. ScreenCloud will also provide remote device management features in the near future, allowing you to have control over all of your devices, making it that much easier to scale your business and digital signage needs. 


The Station P1 Powered by ScreenCloud OS

Now let's take a look at our first device that will come with ScreenCloud OS.

The Station P1 is a powerful digital signage media player yet it comes in a compact form factor and combined with its aluminum, commercial-grade build, and fanless design, there's a lot of flexibility when it comes to on-site application and installation.

The Station P1 is powered by a system-on-chip that is equipped with a 6-Core 64-Bit CPU and a 4-Core GPU. It is robust and powerful enough to run demanding content with ease, and with its 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, you can display content running in multiple zones without any issues. Its onboard 32GB of eMMC flash storage is also there to make sure there is enough media cache for your content to continue playing, even when your internet connection becomes unstable.

Speaking of connectivity, the ScreenCloud OS device supports both wireless and wired network connections. At launch, the Station P1 will support 1 display at up to 4K resolution at a time, and you will have the choice of connecting your display either via an HDMI connection at the back of the device or a DisplayPort over USB-C connection port at the front of the device. You can also connect your peripherals to the ScreenCloud OS device using the 2 USB-A ports at the front of the device.




In Summary...

To recap, ScreenCloud OS is our own digital signage operating system that will make the process of getting started and using digital signage much easier for our customers. The Station P1 powered by ScreenCloud OS is our first device that will come with ScreenCloud OS. It is a robust and compact media player that is built specifically for digital signage, powerful enough to run even the most demanding content, yet easy to set up and get you started.

We are also working to add a wide range of other features and improvements to the Station P1 and ScreenCloud OS, with features like remote device management coming soon. You can also expect security updates and improvements to be added regularly via automatic over-the-air updates.

So if this is what you are looking for, we are very confident that you will be as excited with the Station P1 powered by ScreenCloud OS as we are.

Our ScreenCloud OS device is priced at $200 per device. For bulk orders, education, or non-profit discounts, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

If you are interested, please get in touch with our sales team here!


If you have any additional questions about ScreenCloud OS or the Station P1, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335


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