How to fix Dashboards Error: "Username/password mismatch"

by James Donaghy

This article will outline resolution steps if you happen to encounter the following error during your Dashboard setup.



During your Dashboard setup you may encounter the error message above and you will also see an error in your configuration panel on the left side of your screen (see below). Step 7 indicates "No associated password" in red text.




In this example, step 4 and step 7 have both been picked up as username inputs. To resolve this issue, click the cog icon to the right of Step 4 and change the type from "Username" to "Text".


For more information on ScreenCloud Dashboards, please see our Dashboards section. If you don't find the help you need, or if you have some feedback for the feature, please feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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