The Best Wall Mounts to Purchase For Your ScreenCloud OS Device

by Jennifer Hardegen

This article will walk you through the best wall mounts to purchase for your ScreenCloud OS device. 


If you're mounting a display to a wall or just looking for a way to clean up your space, hiding equipment using a wall mount can help you accomplish that.

While mounting a TV has all sorts of benefits, the downside is that now you have no place to store all of your electronics.

A simple solution is to keep an entertainment center or shelving unit nearby, but that won't help you achieve that minimalistic look that we're all trying to go for.

Mounting a media player - like the ScreenCloud OS device - is a great way to keep your digital signage hardware safe, cool, and out of the way. You have the option to mount your media player directly onto equipment like a TV, or you can secure it directly to the wall using just a few screws and an enclosure. 

Below is a guide to help you choose the right wall mount for your ScreenCloud OS device tailored to your needs. 



ScreenCloud OS dimensions: 12.44 cm × 7.9 cm × 3.16 cm (LxWxH) 



1. HumanCentric - Cable Box Mount



Human Centric is a market-leading provider in electronics accessories that are designed to enhance the hardware experience. Their lineups include simple gaming setups to headphone stands, all the way to industrial mount systems. 

Our top recommendation is the Human Centric Cable Box Mount; It's an adjustable steel mount that comes in four different sizes.

We like this mount because of its open design and sturdy steel. It's quite breathable so there is a good circulation of cool air. Its lightweight build makes it easy to place your hardware anywhere including behind your TV. 

For the ScreenCloud OS device, we recommend the Small & Narrow option as it's snug enough to keep your device secured while still having the option to make the space wider if you want to hold more accessories. 

With this mount you can place your device horizontal or vertical as it has a minimum depth of 1.2 inches which is the exact same depth size as the Station P1. If you would like a tighter fit, there is a smaller version that costs the same price but it doesn’t offer as much length support. 

Price: $17.49

Link: Purchase via Amazon 



2. Sanus - SASP1 B1 Streaming Device Panel


Sanus is another industry leader that provides premium-grade products geared more towards AV enthusiasts, such a TV mounts, media furniture, and speaker stands.

The Sanus SASP1 Streaming Device Panel is a great addition to our already recommended Sanus TV mounts. It is designed to attach to the back of a TV and hold most small devices up to 3 lbs.

It measures about 6.13 inches high and 8.39 inches wide.

This mount works great with just about any TV or TV mount because of the variety of mounting hole options that also promotes airflow to the device. This mount includes two velcro straps to ensure a secure installation (although only one strap is displayed in the photo).

Price: $22.99

Link: Purchase via Amazon 

3. WALI Electric - T-Shaped Metal Wall Mount Holder for Streaming Devices


WALI Electric is a reliable mount supplier that provides a range of stands and mounts for TVs, speakers, home security, and accessories.

The WALI T-shaped wall mount is a 7” long T-Shaped Metal Wall Mount that is perfect for medium-sized devices like the ScreenCloud OS device.

It has a 2” distance between each prefabricated hole and comes with two nylon straps that are designed to hold devices with a diameter of 10-18 inches weighing up to 50lbs. This mount comes with two nylon velcro straps to secure devices and any cables neatly.

Price: $9.99 

Link: Purchase via Amazon here



5. HIDEit - Mounts Uni-S


The Hideit Uni-S mount is slightly different from the rest as it places the media player in a vertical position.

This mount is made from 16 gauge, cold-rolled steel for strength you can trust without the unnecessary bulk. It has a powder-coat finish therefore it won’t rust or chip and protects devices from scratches.

The Uni S (small) fits sizes heights 3-9 inches and lengths 4-10 inches, and depths 1-1.75 inches. 

This mounting system is great for digital signage because it is very easy to install and requires minimal tools. It also has an open design so ports and buttons are easily accessible. 

Price: $17.95 

Link: Purchase via Amazon

If you have any additional questions about ScreenCloud OS or the Station P1, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335


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