How To Whitelist and Custom Brand My ScreenCloud Account

by Santino



Why is branding so important to businesses, enterprises, and even for personal workspaces?

Branding has a variety of benefits that can help both create strong emotional connections, unique impressions and promote significant recognition for a product or service. With ScreenCloud for digital signage, you have the ability to whitelist and brand your account workspace. You can change the color scheme of ScreenCloud Studio to anything you'd like. Below you can learn more below on how to get started by adding a new level of personalization and customization.


Table of contents:

1. What is whitelisting and custom branding used for?

2. How can I whitelist and custom brand my account?


1. What is whitelisting and custom branding used for?

Whitelisting allows you to have advertising permissions to your brand partners and affiliates. This is a strategy that businesses and brands use to better connect your customers with a personalized approach to your products. For example, you can Google or search for popular brands (i.e. Apple, Shoe Brands, Popular Retailers, etc.) that have their own unique branding and positioning in the consumer market. Consumers commonly recognize and can identify with brands through colors, logos, slogans, and more. Whitelisting business practices have been found through studies to maximize engagement rates and increase reach for ads or marketing campaigns. 


2. How can I whitelist and custom brand my account?

Please note, whitelisting and custom branding are only available upon request to activate in your ScreenCloud account. You can reach out to for any questions or assistance you need regarding branding your account.


2.1. To get started, log into your ScreenCloud account and select your "Account Settings" from the lower left-hand navigation bar.



2.2. Next, select the "Organization" option from your navigation bar. Please note, certain account functions are only available to Owners or Administrators of a ScreenCloud account. If you're having trouble accessing this feature after activation, please contact the account administrator for your company.



2.3. From here, navigate to "Studio Appearance" and select "Edit Color Scheme". From here, you can use the color picker tool available or enter any HTML color code to set up your custom appearance. Once you're happy with the selections, you can click "Save & Close". 



What if I have made a mistake or change during the color setup that I would like to reset? 

You can also click "Reset all colors" at any time to reset any changes or default your color scheme back to its original setup. 



2.4. You can now see the new color scheme appearance has been updated for your navigation bar in ScreenCloud and includes your company name. To change this, you can revisit the "Organization" section of your settings at any time to make branding and appearance updates for your account.



If you have any additional questions on whitelisting or branding your ScreenCloud account, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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