Proof of Play: Tracking and Logging Content Displaying on Your Digital Screens

by Santino


This article will go through how you can use the Proof of Play feature to begin logging and tracking all of the content which has played on any of your digital signage screens. This is useful for reviewing insights in one spot for the most frequently played content, reviewing when content has played, and can review data for who has set the content to run across your screens. You can also access, export, and review log report for all screen playback activity.

Please note, this is a premium add-on feature for your ScreenCloud account. You can review additional information on upgrading your account by visiting the ScreenCloud pricing page here


Table of contents:

1. Activate the Proof of Play feature

2. Assign content and review your playback logs

3. Playback logs features


1. Activate the Proof of Play feature

1.1. First, you can reach out to our team at to connect further on activating the Proof of Play feature for your account. The Proof of Play feature requires an upgraded ScreenCloud plan which can be viewed here at the ScreenCloud pricing page.


1.2. Once this has been activated, you can access the Proof of Play feature in your "Account Settings". Select this and navigate to the "Proof of Play" option from the menu bar.



1.3. From this menu, you can begin reviewing the analytics for your content.



2. Assign content and review your playback logs

2.1. Visit your "Screen" section when you're ready and assign content to your digital screen. You can click here to view ways to set content on your screen.



You can use the file picker selector to choose any content and click "Confirm" when you're ready.



Please note, you will only be able to review analytics for the content which has been assigned to, published, and played live on a connected digital screen with your ScreenCloud account. For example, the screenshot below highlights the individual analytics for content that has been scheduled to run using a channel, playlist, or individual content. 



3. Playback logs features

You can review the available features for playback logs in the list below:

i) Overview for the past day: you can see an overview for the last 24-hours. 

ii) Overview for the past week: you can see an overview for the last 7 days (168-hours). 

iii) Overview for the last month: you can see an overview for the last 30 days (720-hours). 

iv) Custom: you can select a custom timeframe using the calendar selection tool to review analytics for a specific period. 



v) Pick content: you can select any channel, playlist, or individual content to see analytics. For example, below I have selected a channel to view the analytics. Proof of Play provides an overview of the content selected. You can use the file picker to select any content and click "View".



This creates a customized playback report for the content you've selected. 



vi) View all playback logs: you can select "Playback Logs" to view an entire audit of all content that has run live across all of your digital screens connected. This is useful for reviewing content, identifying possible gaps of issues or internet connection challenges, and 360 insights for playback metrics.



For example, if any audit log is selected from the Playback Logs it prompts a window that displays additional information, such as timestamps, screen data, identification numbers, and more.



You can also update or refresh the logs at any time, or control refresh rates using the "Update" drop-down menu as shown below to control the time intervals (in seconds). 



vii) Export logs: you can export any of your logs available in this section. You can do this by selecting "Export Logs" on either menu which will save a copy to your local desktop or computer.


Proof of Play - Export Report



Playback Logs - Export Report



If you have any additional questions on how to use playback logs, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.





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