ScreenCloud Signage Help Center Guide: Legacy Platform for Digital Signage

by Santino


This guide is a resource article that includes links to popular how-tos, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions that are relevant only to the ScreenCloud Signage (2015) product. ScreenCloud Signage is our old legacy platform which ScreenCloud launched in 2015 for digital signage. You can find the most relevant help center documentation and information about the product at the ScreenCloud Studio Help Center.

Please note, Studio Help Center content is applicable and relevant to our digital signage community across both platforms, but the following guides listed below are unique to the Signage platform in terms of the user interface, setup, and instructions for using the legacy platform successfully. Many of our users have also successfully migrated to the new ScreenCloud Studio platform

You can click here to watch a demo of how to use ScreenCloud Signage. You can also access the Google Drive repository of ScreenCloud Signage articles here.


Table of contents:

Getting Started

Apps, Content, and Media


Billing and Payment



Getting Started


ScreenCloud 101: Getting Your First Content On Screen

How To Perfectly Set Up ScreenCloud for Digital Signage

How Do I Add a Screen To My ScreenCloud Account?

Add or Set Up a Screen as a Free Test/Preview Screen


Account Management

How Do I Reset My Password?

How To Change Your Account Email Address or Transfer Ownership

How To Switch Between Teams in Your ScreenCloud Account

How To Set Up Users and Teams

I Am Managing Different Brands - How Do I Organize Their Content in ScreenCloud?

Switching Between Organizations - Managing Multiple Accounts & Billing

Troubleshooting Login Issues for ScreenCloud Signage

Users & Teams – How Do You Copy Data, Playlists and Move Screens Between Teams?


Apps, Content, and Media

Adding Websites

Adding a Website or Internal Website - FAQ and Overview

Website Error - "Does Not Allow Access To Third-Party Apps"


App Questions

Facebook - How to Connect/Disconnect With Your ScreenCloud Account

Facebook Apps Troubleshooting Guide

How Can I Turn Off Audio or Mute Videos in ScreenCloud?

How to Make a Scrolling Ticker Tape Using Noticeboard 2.0

Microsoft OneDrive - How to Connect/Disconnect With Your ScreenCloud Account

Digital Menuboard Troubleshooting Guide

Instagram Gallery Troubleshooting Guide

Noticeboard 2.0 Troubleshooting Guide


Content and Media

Best Practices for Resizing Images & Videos to Use in ScreenCloud

Content Library - File Management

Creating Schedules - Troubleshooting

How To Download Files and Media From Your Content Library

How To Sort Media in My Content Library in Chronological or Alphabetical Order

Using Images With a Transparent Background in ScreenCloud


General Apps Info

ScreenCloud Original Version - How To Add The News App To Your Digital Screens

ScreenCloud Original Version - How To Brand Content Using The App Theme Editor

Variable Duration Apps - Why is Content Playing Randomly in a Playlist?

Which Apps from ScreenCloud Signage is not available on ScreenCloud Studio?



General Account Issues

I’m Having Trouble Uploading Content or Optimizing Is Taking a Long Time, How Do I Fix This?

Preview Screen Not Working and Displaying as a Black Screen, How Can I Fix This?

Reset Code Issues While Resetting My ScreenCloud Password


Network Troubleshooting

ScreenCloud Signage: Domains & Servers to Whitelist for Internet Service Providers or VPN

Screen Showing “Not Connected” – How to Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues


Billing and Payment

ScreenCloud Signage Billing: Pricing, Discounts, and Payment Information

How To Download Invoices From Your ScreenCloud Account

How To Pause or Temporarily Cancel My ScreenCloud Account

Pro-Rata Billing: Charged for Different Amounts



How To Change the Screen Orientation or Rotate the Player

How To Create Custom Zone Layouts for Digital Signage

Screen & Zone Dimensions: How to Get a Perfect Fit for My Content Using ScreenCloud



If you have any additional questions on how to use ScreenCloud Signage, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.



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