How to migrate from Signage to ScreenCloud Studio

by Safir

IMG01.pngThis article will walk through how to automatically migrate your ScreenCloud Signage account to the ScreenCloud Studio platform. ScreenCloud Studio is our latest digital signage offering which released at the end of 2019 and includes new key features, enhancements, and enterprise-solution offerings. 

Please note that we advise and recommend reviewing the ScreenCloud Studio Migration FAQ page for more information before migrating your account. You do not need to fill out the form to issue migration and can follow the steps below to begin your migration process.


Table of contents:

1. Sign in to your ScreenCloud Signage Account

2. Visit the ScreenCloud Studio Migration portal

3. Begin and authorize your migration

4. Review any relevant payment details or messages

5. Complete your account migration

6. Frequently asked questions


1. Sign in to your ScreenCloud Signage Account

Get started by logging into the ScreenCloud Signage (Old Platform - 2015) managed at Please note, you must the main owner or administrator of the account to begin the migration process. If you are not the owner or administrator, please coordinate with this contact to initiate the process or contact if you have any questions.



2. Visit the ScreenCloud Studio Migration portal

Once you're logged in as the main owner or administrator of the ScreenCloud Signage account, please click here to view the ScreenCloud Studio Migration portal. You can also visit the link directly at Please note, this area of the site is currently inaccessible from your account and can only be visited by following the link provided in this instruction guide. 



3. Start your migration

From the following portal, we advise reviewing the migration demo video and reviewing all frequently asked questions about migrating your ScreenCloud account. You can proceed to click the green " Start Migration" button and it will begin.


3.1. Review your login method

Once you click the start button, you will be forwarded to the ScreenCloud Studio website. From here, you can set up a new credential or log in with your existing email address/password. 



i) Account Owner with email and password combination (no Studio account)

If you have been using an email and password combination, you will need to set up your new credentials. For example, the email you have used for your ScreenCloud Signage account will be prefilled in the email field for your migration form (i.e. your email is it will carry over automatically as the email to use). 


ii) Account Owner with email and password (existing or active Studio account)

If you have been using an email and password combination, you will still be directed to the ScreenCloud Studio signup page. However, you will receive an error message that your email address is already in use and will be prompted to "Log in". If you have any questions related to an existing Studio account, please contact


iii) Account Owner with a Google (with or without Studio account)

If you have been using Google credentials to log in to ScreenCloud, you can continue your credential set up by clicking the "Continue with Google" button. 

If they've been using Google credentials to log in to ScreenCloud they can continue the set-up with Google by clicking on the "Continue with Google" button.


3.2. Migration Review

Once you've successfully finished your email and password credentials for the new platform, you will be forwarded back to the website. From here, you will now see a migration review form with information regarding your ScreenCloud Signage account. This will show key data and any errors with content before migrating. If you see any errors or notices here that you're unsure of, please submit a screenshot with your account information to




3.3. "Let's get started!" with your migration

Once you've selected to start the migration, the account owner will receive an email that migration has started. If you navigate away from or leave the migration process at any time, you can return to it by clicking on the button available from the email to your inbox. 



Next, you will be auto-directed to the correct region based on your location to use ScreenCloud Studio. For instance, if your currency and billing address are located in the United States then the platform will send you to This initializes the transfer of your content, playlists, and schedules. Please note, the duration of this step will depend on how much data is on the account.



4. Review billing and payment details

Once the data transfer is complete, you can review your billing details and proceed with the migration. Please note, customers located only in the United States are required to re-authorize their payment details while migrating to the ScreenCloud Studio platform. You will not be able to proceed with migration without finalizing this step. 

This authorization is not intended to charge your payment method and is only to verify your payment details. For example, the screenshots below highlight the difference between how the billing page appears for users located in the United States in relation to Europe, or the Rest of the World:


i) Review Billing



ii) Authenticate payment form (US customers only)



5. Complete your account migration


5.1. Screens and team data transfer

After the billing details have been confirmed, screens and team data transfers will begin. At this stage, the remaining account members (users and teams) from your ScreenCloud Signage account will begin to receive welcome emails to their inbox with an invitation to the new ScreenCloud Studio platform. 



5.2. Account users can check their email inbox and begin onboarding

Once an account user has accepted the ScreenCloud Studio account invite, they will be redirected to the Studio platform and can begin their onboarding process. You can also review the ScreenCloud Studio walkthrough guide by clicking here



5.3. Review your migration report

Once the migration has been completed, the account owner will receive an email summary with a breakdown of your migration report. This includes information relating to the data transferred during the process and confirmation for you to begin using the ScreenCloud Studio platform. 



6. Frequently asked questions

What happens if I have closed the page during migration?

If you close the migration window at any time, you can use the link provided in your email inbox to re-access the transfer or visit the ScreenCloud Studio page to resume. If you happen to log into your old ScreenCloud Signage account, you will receive a message to inform you that the account has been migrated to ScreenCloud Studio and you must proceed further on that site. 


Example of email and password error message:



Example of error message using "Google Login":



Is the migration page visible to the public or all of the users in a ScreenCloud account?

The page is currently inaccessible and can only be accessed via a link, or sharing the URL directly. 


Do I have to set up a new password during the account migration?

If it is your first time signing up for the ScreenCloud Studio platform, or migrating an account using your unique email, you will need to enter a brand new password.


What happens if a file is unsupported or does not migrate?

If a file type or piece of content does not migrate from your account (e.g. a file such as .ppt or .key for instance) you will be notified of this during your migration review step before beginning the process.


If you have any additional questions on how to migrate your ScreenCloud Signage account to ScreenCloud Studio, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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