Chrome Devices: How to Download Device Logs From Chrome Device Management Console

by Santino

This article will go through how to download your device logs using your Chrome Device Management Console for your Chrome device. This is useful in case our team needs to help you troubleshoot a challenge further while using the ScreenCloud app on a Chrome device. 

If you encounter an issue on Chrome devices and would like us to investigate further please send us some log files after the issue occurs by following the steps below. 


Table of contents:



Check that the settings are enabled for logging 

To get started, make sure that these settings are enabled on your Chrome Device.
i) Enable device health monitoring
ii) Enable device system log upload
1.1. In order to check these two settings please go to Device Management > Chrome > Device Settings, make sure you’re in the organization with the affected devices (if you have more than one sub-organization) and scroll down to the Kiosk settings and select apps & extensions page. In your desired organizational unit, click your ScreenCloud kiosk app to check its Auto-Launch Kiosk App settings.
1.2. Please make a note of the date and time when the issue occurs so we can look for the relevant information in the log files. Then email this to so we can help look into this further with our technical team. 
You can also watch this video of the steps above:



Downloading the log file

2.1. Go to the Admin Console after logging into your Google account with Chrome Enterprise License.
2.2. Click on Devices.
2.3. Click on Chrome devices.

2.4. Click on one of the Chrome devices that you want to download the logs for.

2.5. Scroll down to System activity and troubleshooting.
2.6. Go to System logs at the bottom of the page and click on the linked log file to download the zip file. If there are multiple log files, please choose the latest one.
You can also watch this video of the steps above:kiosk10.gif
For reference, you can learn how to collect logs from the actual devices by visiting
If you have any additional questions on Chrome device logs and troubleshooting, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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