Chrome Devices: Reset Kiosk or Chrome Enterprise Organizational Settings

by Santino

This article will go through how to reset your chrome device's kiosk settings and chrome enterprise organizational settings with a quick workaround.

We have heard of isolated instances where Chrome devices using ScreenCloud in kiosk mode are experiencing issues like screens unpairing each time the device restarts or the device being stuck showing a "Waiting for application window" message while loading the app. These issues are not specific to the ScreenCloud player app or ScreenCloud, but instead are Chrome OS and Chrome Enterprise related.

We found a workaround online that was recommended by a Google support representative as a solution to a different issue, and it ended up being a solution for these issues as well. As such we are recommending this workaround here in case it's a help to any of our users who are experiencing something similar.


Steps to take:

1. Create a new sub organizational unit

2. Set the settings for this new sub organizational unit

3. Move your devices to the new sub organizational unit

4. Make sure the device's settings are reset

5. Move devices back to the main organization

6. Pair the devices to ScreenCloud



1. Create a new sub organizational unit.

1.1. From Google Admin select Organizational Units.

1.2. Click Manage organizational units.

1.3. Create a new organizational unit.1-03.png

1.4. Click Create. You now have a new organizational unit.1-04.png


2. Set the settings for this new sub organizational unit.

2.1. From Google Admin select Devices > Chrome > Settings > Users and browsers2-02.png

2.2. Under Chrome Settings, select your new organizational unit to the left.2-04.png

2.3. Scroll down or search for 'Kiosk' to navigate to Kiosk settings. Select apps & extensions page.2-05.png

2.4. Change the setting for the ScreenCloud Digital Signage Player from Not installed to Installed and click SAVE.2-06.png

2.5. The ScreenCloud Digital Signage Player is now deactivated for this organization unit and any devices placed within it with not display ScreenCloud.2-08.png



3. Move your devices to the new sub organizational unit.

3.1. Your new organizational unit will be empty when you take a look at it, so you'll need to find devices to place within it.3-10.png

3.2. Go to the head or sub organizational unit which contains the Chrome devices that you wish to reset. In this case, we'll be picking devices from our other organizational unit Support.3-11.png

3.3. Select your devices and then click the little folder icon on the top right (depicted in the red rectangle in this image).3-03.png

3.4. Click the new organizational unit, and then select MOVE.3-04.png

3.5. Your selected devices will now be placed in the new organizational unit.3-06.png



4. Make sure the device's settings are reset.

4.1. You can manually reboot the devices, reboot them through CDM, or let them eventually reboot on their own. The devices should restart and not load into kiosk mode but instead show a login screen. If this happens, that's a good sign and shows that we've successfully reset these devices OU settings.

You should see something like this:



5. Move devices back to the main organization.

5.1. As you did before, select the devices and move them back to the location where they were previously located.3-09.png

5.2. You can reboot them to make sure they are online and appear with green circles. The devices and their display should restart and load into kiosk mode and load the ScreenCloud app.3-12.png



6. Pair the devices to ScreenCloud

6.1. Once the ScreenCloud kiosk app launches, you will be greeted by a ScreenCloud pairing code. Simply pair a new screen to your account!



The above steps are basically a way to both clear out the ScreenCloud app and organizational settings on a device by replacing them with new ones and then going back to the old ones.

If this does not solve your issue you could also try setting some additional settings in the new sub organizational unit you create (in step 2). The steps above only outline how to reset 2 settings (the "Kiosk App available to launch" setting and the "Auto-Launch Kiosk App" setting), but if you want you could have it change additional settings like "Erase all local user info, settings, and state after each sign-out" or other settings that could be related to this issue.

If you have any additional questions on the steps above, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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