How To Connect and Disconnect Instagram With Your Media Library

by Santino Scibelli

This article will go through how to change the Instagram account you’re linked to while using ScreenCloud’s Instagram apps. 

Table of contents:

Connecting Instagram with your media library

Disconnecting Instagram from your media library


Connecting Instagram with your media library

1.1. Get started by visiting your "Media Library".


1.2. Select the "Upload" button in the center of your Media Library or in the upper-right hand corner.

1.3. The Filestack integration will open for you to choose from several integrations. Click on the "Instagram" icon from the left navigation and then the "Connect Instagram" button.


1.4. You'll be prompted to log in with your Instagram credentials and accept the integration connecting with your account. Click on the "Continue" prompt to accept the terms of using filestack.

1.5. You will be redirected back to ScreenCloud where your Instagram files are now available with the Filestack integration to use in your media library.


Logging out of your Instagram account

You can log out of your Instagram account directly within ScreenCloud from the Filestack integration panel.

2.1. Hover over the Instagram icon in the left-hand navigation.


2.2. Click on “Sign Out” and this will sign you out of your Instagram account. 


If you have any additional questions on connecting and disconnecting your Instagram account with ScreenCloud, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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