Displaying Live Weather Radar Maps Using Windy.com with ScreenCloud

by Santino

Using ScreenCloud for digital signage, you can easily embed and display live weather radar maps using free online services. Our team is currently working on internal services to display live weather radar mapping, but this guide can help walk you through how to use the free service Windy.com to showcase weather trends, maps, and forecasts directly on your digital screens. We'll show you how to achieve this using ScreenCloud's Embed app

Table of contents:

1. Setting up Windy.com to display your location

2. Creating an embed code to use with ScreenCloud

3. Adding Windy.com to your digital screens




1. Setting up Windy.com to display your location

1.1. Get started by visiting Windy.com. Please note, Windy.com is a third-party and external service not affiliated with ScreenCloud. If you have any concerns or challenges while using the service, you can feel free to reach out to support@screencloud.com, though we recommend also connecting with the Windy support team directly if you have any questions regarding their service. 


1.2. Type in the zip code for your location or search for any location available from the radar service. For this example, we'll showcase weather forecasts currently for California, United States.



1.3. Once you've selected your location, you can use the right-hand toolbar to select the specific weather forecast you're looking to track. For example, if you're looking to track and display forecasts for wind, you would select "Wind" for the radar map to generate this information.



2. Creating an embed code to use with ScreenCloud

2.1. When you've finished setting up the forecasts to display, click anywhere on the map and you'll be greeted to a "Share" icon in the upper-left-hand corner next to the search bar. Click here to access your embed code.



2.2. When the pop up generates, navigate to "Embed widget on page" and select whether you'd like to use a Weather radar or Animated map. For this example, we'll use a "Weather radar". Please note, if there are any changes to the type of map(s) available that these features are through the third-party service. ScreenCloud is not affiliated with this service and is unable to provide direct support on features/feedback:



2.3. You'll have the option to choose and pick from options available on Windy to display on your screens. You can adjust the height x width accordingly, though you don't need to worry much about this as the standard sizing available works fine for digital signage. You can choose the wind, temperature, forecasts and more to display. 



2.4. Once you're done selecting your options, navigate to the "Embed this HTML code to your page" and copy the entire code that's available here. This is the embed code you'll use with ScreenCloud's Embed app.


3. Adding Windy.com to your digital screens

3.1. Within your ScreenCloud account, click on the "App Store" and search for the "Embed" app. 

3.2. Click on the Embed app and select "Install App".



3.3. Copy and paste the full embed code provided from Windy.com into the Embed app. Additionally, click on the top right-hand title so you can change the app name to anything you'd like for easy reference.



3.4. You can preview the app by selecting the "Preview"  button once you've pasted it to view what the weather radar map will look like on your screen.



3.5. Select the yellow "Save" button and now the Embed app instance will be installed into your ScreenCloud account. You can now use the weather radar via the Embed App on any of your screens, channels, and playlists. 


If you have any additional questions on how to embed live weather radar maps using Windy.com, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@screencloud.com or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.


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