Ways to Set Content on Your Screens Using Digital Signage

by Santino


Convenience is key and the need for quick solutions is becoming more vital to keep up with consuming ever-changing information. How can you keep the most important information top of mind, and in which ways does this pace impact your audience? In our experience, this is how digital signage helps you bridge the key communications for what’s essential to relay.

With ScreenCloud, you can simply display and feed content to your digital screens. Whether sharing company-wide announcements, building culture by sharing social media posts from a work event, or needing to share an urgent message - digital signage gives you autonomy to have full control and flexibility from anywhere, at any time.


Using ScreenCloud, you can:

  • Build channels, similar to a television program, to schedule and plan ahead
  • Curate and organize playlists of media to playback on a loop
  • Manage images, videos, and documents independently, within a channel, or playlist
  • Set any type of content to your screens
  • Cast, action, and control immediate screen takeovers
  • Send and stream content from your smartphone or tablet on the go

Below we’ll walk through each of the ways you can start getting content on your digital screens.


Channels: advanced scheduling and segmenting content

"Channels" function similarly to a TV channel, giving you the ability to group and organize content in a meaningful way, by theme, usage, department, topic, or any other way you'd like.


This is useful for digital signage in the following scenarios:

  • Giving teams the ability to control their own channel and put up unique content
  • Schedule and set up specific days or times for content to run on digital screens
  • Easily make mass changes by changing the channel across multiple screens at once
  • Control and add your branding with channels using custom themes
  • Channels contain playlists, links, apps, and more to showcase with flexible control
  • Use zone layouts to split your screen and display multiple pieces of content at once


To learn about how to create and use channels with ScreenCloud, click here for our walkthrough.


Playlists: organizing your key content

Playlists are used to organize your content and play everything in the order that you want to see it. You can organize pieces of content, apps, and media from your ScreenCloud account into a playlist. Once assigned to your screen, the playlist will run on a loop based on the order and timing of the content you’ve set up.

To learn about how to use and curate playlists with ScreenCloud, please click here for a walkthrough.


Media Library: manage select pieces of content

Your “Media Library” is where all of your content is organized that can be uploaded into ScreenCloud. This includes pieces of media such as images, graphics, videos, and documents stored in your account.


You can manage your content by sorting them into folders and by category. This includes easily moving pieces of media in bulk to folders or starring (e.g. favoriting) key items.


You can also use this area of your account to set up availability and expiration dates for your content. Any piece of content in your “Media Librarycan be set to start displaying while using the media in a playlist, channel, or with the casting feature.


This feature allows you to also set expiration dates for content to stop displaying on your screen(s) the piece of content being used automatically upon the set date.

To learn about how to use your Media Library in ScreenCloud, please click here for more information. You can also learn more about how to use the availability and expiration feature here.


Set to screen: assign anything to play

Set to screen gives you the flexibility to set and display any media, apps, or content from your ScreenCloud account on your digital screens. You can simply use the drop-down menu available while viewing your “Screens” section to set any channel, playlist, or content to play on your screens.


The main benefits of using this feature are:

  • Setting any piece of content onto a screen permanently
  • Switch between content to display quickly using the "Now Playing" function
  • Easily set or cast using a simple switch in the media picker
  • Review a history of what's been recently played on each screen and in the media picker menu
  • Can stop what's been set to a screen and resume playing your default content

To learn how to use the Set to Screen feature with ScreenCloud, please click here for our walkthrough.


Casting: screen takeovers

Using this feature, you can immediately take over any screen with any piece of media, playlist, link, or app and cast it to any of your digital screens.


This feature can take over any content currently playing on screen, then resume your normal playlist by turning off the cast manually at any time you'd like from within your ScreenCloud account. This gives you control to push urgent or critical messages to your screen, then resume displaying your original content assigned once the casting is stopped.


This is useful for getting a quick message or update out across your screens, for example:

  • Displaying company-wide announcements immediately
  • Emergency updates, notices, and warnings
  • Changes in schedules, meetings, or upcoming events
  • Photos, videos, apps, or documents you want to instantly showcase

To learn about how to use the casting feature with ScreenCloud, please click here for our walkthrough.


“Engage - Connected Spaces": download the app on your smartphone or tablet

With ScreenCloud’s Engage app, you can connect employees, teams, and social streams by downloading the application to your IOS (download here from the Apple Store) or Android (download here from the Google Play Store) device. You can create an account for free and begin managing streams to share images and graphics on digital screens from your phone.


With the ScreenCloud Engage app you can:

  • Easily share photos and updates from your smartphone in seconds
  • Set up different streams based on photos, location, or preference
  • Invite users to manage, share, and add content to your streams
  • Approve and review content before it goes live

To learn how to use ScreenCloud’s Engage App, please click here to view the ScreenCloud Engage App Guide. Please note, there are minimum specifications for the operating system version and model type on your iOS or Android device to use the app and recommend to review the “Frequently Asked Questions” of ScreenCloud’s Engage App Guide for more information.


If you have any additional questions on ways to assign or set content to your screens, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@screencloud.com or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.





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