How To Set Up and Use Screen Locations with ScreenCloud

by Santino


This article will go through how to set up and manage screen locations for your displays connected in your ScreenCloud account.

Table of contents:

1. What is the screen location feature?

2. How do I set up the screen location feature?

3. Which apps does the feature support?

4. Frequently asked questions


1. What is the screen location feature?
The screen location feature allows you to manage locations for each of your screens respectively. You can select a location which your screen or display resides which syncs apps that have location-specific features. This is useful for:

  • Managing apps and services per location
  • Save time setting up locations for specific apps
  • Maximize control of your digital screens by location or region

For example, if you wanted to use the ScreenCloud Weather App this app requires you to enter a location from where you want to display the weather forecast results. If you wanted to display weather forecasts for different areas, you would typically need to set up a new app instance for each location. With the screen location feature, you can set up one Weather app and assign it to a channel, playlist, or directly to your screens. The screen location feature would sync with the location respectively set to each screen and display weather results unique to that location instead of per app instance.


2. How do I set up the screen location feature?
2.1. Get started by adding and setting up an app that supports the “Screen Location” feature. Supported apps which sync to the “Screen Location” feature will have a toggle available while setting up the app instance to use this. For example, below is how this feature appears while setting up the ScreenCloud Weather app to use “Screen Location”.



2.2. You can add any screen to your ScreenCloud account, or edit an existing screen by visiting your “Screens” section.


2.3. While editing or viewing a screen, select “Options”. From here, you will see the ability to “Edit Location”, please select this. You will note if you have added an app to your display that is synced with “Screen Location” and has not been selected yet then a reminder will appear for the app to set this up.



2.4. When “Edit Location” is selected, you’ll see a geographic map appear to browse or search for an exact location. Please enter the location you would like to use. In this example below, we have entered “Los Angeles, California”.




2.5. Select “Save” once you’ve set your location and this will now be assigned to your screen. The supported ScreenCloud apps will dynamically sync according to the location set for your connected display. You’ll notice your location set to the right of your screen, including coordinates, IP addresses, and timezone.




3. Which apps does the feature support?

Please note, only specific apps are supported by the screen location feature. Additional apps for support will be available in the near future. This list is available below:

  • Weather App


4. Frequently asked questions

Will apps become automatically overridden by the screen location?

Only apps which are supported by the feature will override the synced display location automatically when being used on that screen in a channel, playlist, or directly. For example, if “Office Screen A” has a schedule set to display the Weather app and your instance has been set up for New York, USA, while “Office Screen A” has a location set for “Los Angeles, CA”, then the app will automatically sync to show information relevant to Los Angeles, California.


Do I have to add a location for a supported app or can I leave this blank when setting up a new app instance?

While setting up a supported app, you’ll see a toggle that allows you to set the “Screen Location” setting or pick your own location(s) while setting up the app.



Please note, if you're using an app on a display or screen which has screen location activated but one has not been selected you will see the following reminder message to choose a location.




If I remove or edit the screen location, what happens to the apps on my screen?

You can use the “Clear Location” functionality. This will revert the supported apps which sync to your screen location back to the location you’ve set up while adding the instance. For example, if your screen location is set to “Los Angeles, USA” and your Weather app was set up to display “New York City, USA” then the Weather app will display the New York location.




If you have any additional questions on using the ScreenCloud Screen Locations feature, or any other questions or feedback about ScreenCloud, feel free to reach out to our support team at or give us a call at our toll-free support line at +18885575335.






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