Synchronizing Screens with Playback Modes: Sync and Unsync

by Safir

This article will cover the Sync and Unsync setting, which allows for your to synchronize your content across your screens.

When screens are set to Sync, the same piece of content will playback at the same point on all screens displaying the piece of content (ie a channel). Items will switch at the same point and if refreshed will “jump” to the correct playback point.


When a screen is set to Unsync, screens will always start at the beginning of a Channel or Playlist when set to a screen or if refreshed etc. Note that only the same pieces of content stay in sync. 


To see how the feature works, go ahead and view your screen preview alongside your running screen. Switching between Sync and Unsync will allow you to see what exactly is being shown on that screen.

You can find the Sync and Unsync settings under Playback Mode when viewing your screen in your Studio account.



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